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(" scarlett johansson daily! ")
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Welcome to johansson_daily, a photo community for actress SCARLETT JOHANSSON. If you're not familiar with celebrity_daily communities, the idea is that photos of Scarlett will be posted at least once a day. All members are free to post, so long as they stick to the following few rules:

1.) All posts need to contain at least one photo of Scarlett. Information and news are allowed, so long as the post also has a photo.

2.) Don't direct-link from other sites. ImageShack and Photobucket are two free image hosts if you don't have your own.

3.) Use an lj-cut when posting more than one photo or photos larger than 500 pixels.

4.) No icons or graphics. There are other communities solely for that. This one is just for photos.

5.) All off-topic posts or posts that don't adhere to the rules will be deleted.

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